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Anti Aromatase
Aromasin  * SALE *
Arimidex  * SALE *
Dopamine Agonist
Mirapex - Pexola
Fat Loss
T3 Cytomel/Tiromel
T4 Synthroid/Thyroxine
Bitiron T3/T4
Armour T3/T4
Salbutamol Clenbuterol
Metformin Glucophage
Anti Hair Loss & Prostate protection
Avodart (Dutasteride)
Finasteride 1mg
Finasteride 5mg
Heart Health
Beta Blockers
Propranolol (Inderal)


Bone Health & Osteoporosis
Evista (Raloxifene)
Actonel (Risedronate)
Pain Relief
Nimesulid (Mesulid)
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Anti Estrogens
Anti-estrogens block the harmful action estrogen may have in some women and men. Estrogen can promote and accelerate the development of breast cancer in women. In men, excessive estrogen can cause gynecomastia (enlargement and formation of female like breasts in men a.k.a. gyno/bitch-tits) by binding to estrogen receptors in the nipples area.   Estrogen may also interfere with testosterone production in men and may cause libido (sex drive) problems. Other side effects of excessive estrogen include: water retention (edema), impotence (in men) and acne. The highest concentration of estrogen receptors in the body is found in the breasts and nipple area. That is the reason for potential gynecomastia problems in men and breast cancer in women. Anti estrogens work by binding to the estrogen receptors and by doing so, they prevent harmful estrogen from binding to these receptor sites.

Nolvadex®  (Tamoxifen)
Tamoxifen (Tamoxifen)
Nolvadex is the most well known and widely used Anti Estrogen. There's a good reason, it's affordable and effective when estrogen is already bonded to the estrogen receptors.
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Clomid®  (Clomiphene)
Clomiphene (Clomiphene)
Clomid is very effective for increasing ovulation and fertility in women. In men, Clomid is the well known for stimulating natural testosterone production.
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Evista®  (Raloxifene)
Raloxifene (Raloxifene)
Evista (Raloxifene) is a relatively new selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). It works much like Nolvadex™ but may have some advantages and less interaction with other meds.
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Fareston®  (Toremifene)
Toremifene (Toremifene)
Fareston is another anti estrogen which works similar to Nolvadex but most people prefer Nolvadex which has the added benefit of being used successfuly for many decades.
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Anti Prolactin - Dopamine Agonists
Dopamine agonists are medications that stimulate dopamine receptors in the brain. Since Dopamine has many functions, drugs that stimulate it have many uses. Dopamine is an extremely important brain chemical that carries messages between brain cells. Dopamine agonists such as Dostinex (cabergoline) and Parlodel (Bromocriptine) are potent for lowering prolactin levels as Dopamine inhibits the secretion of Prolactin.   Dopamine Agonists are mainly prescribed for lowering prolactin levels and treat many conditions caused by high levels of prolactin. Lack of Dopamine is associated with depression, parkinson's disease, restless legs syndrome, loss of libido (sex drive), increased level of prolactin and some other conditions. Dopamine is associated with feelings of pleasure and well being. Elevation of dopamine levels often leads to a marked increase in sex drive, improvement in mood, alertness, learning ability and creativity. Off-label uses for these medications include sex drive enhancement and increased ejaculation volume, mood elevation, appetite suppression and fat loss.

Dostinex®  (Cabergoline)
Cabergoline (Cabergoline)
Dostinex is dopamine agonist and the number one medication for lowering prolactin levels. Dostinex is more potent than bromocriptine in lowering prolactin while having little to no side effects.
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Cabaser®  (Cabergoline)
Cabergoline (Cabergoline)
Cabaser contains Cabergoline, the same active substance as Dostinex. However Cabaser tablets contain twice the dosage of Dostinex tablets, but are yet much cheaper.
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Parlodel®  (Bromocriptine)
Bromocriptine (Bromocriptine)
Parlodel is a dopamine agonist used for a variety of medical conditions and off label uses.
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Mirapex®  (Pramipexole dihydrochloride)
Pramipexole dihydrochloride (Pramipexole dihydrochloride)
Mirapex (Pexola in Europe) is dopamine agonist used for a variety of medical conditions.
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Fat Loss - Thyroid Drugs - T3, Beta2-Agonists, drugs for hypothyrodism
FAT Burners medications may categorize into the following:

Note these are non-conventional fat loss tools.
The uses of these meds as fat loss tools are considered Off-Label uses and are not to be used without medical supervision. You should consult a licensed physician before using.

Thyroid Stimulators - Like T3 (Cytomel/Tiromel) and T4 (Synthroid) - Greatly increases the uptake of nutrients, increases the metabolic rate substantially. Since your body will need more fuel it will burn fat for it's increasing needs. If the person is on diet (hypocaloric state) the results will be more profound.

Beta-2 Agonists - Medications such as Salbutamol & Clenbuterol. Athletes have been using these for decades to lose fat.Salbutamol binds to the beta 2 adrenergic receptors causing stimulation leading to fat loss. The beta-2 adrenergic receptors are found in fat cells. Beta-2 Agonists like Salbutamol also raises metabolism by raising your body's temperature (Thermogenic) as well as blunt appetite.

  Fat Blockers - Xenical may cause up to 1/3 of fat eaten not to be metabolized. It does that by blocking the enzyme called Lipase which is essential to metabolize the fat you eat. By blocking this enzyme the fat cannot be broken to energy and is excreted in stool.

Blood Sugar Regulators - Glucophase (Metformin) lowers the blood glucose levels and thus possibly minimizes the amount of fat stored in the body. Fat favors high blood sugar when the blood sugar levels are low it is less likely to be stored as fat.

Ketotifen - Ketotifen is an Antihistamine, but when used with Clenbuterol or Salbutamol it will allow these to be taken longer while still being effective. It does so by up regulating the body's beta-adrenergic receptors. It is extremely effective when used with clenbuterol or salbutamol.

T3®  (Cytomel/Tiromel)
Cytomel/Tiromel (Cytomel/Tiromel)
T3 (Cytomel / Tiromel) greatly increases the update of nutrients, increasing the metabolic rate. It does so by increasing the Thyroid hormone T3.
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T4®  (Synthroid)
Synthroid (Synthroid)
T4 (Levothyroxin) increases metabolic rate. It does so by increasing the Thyroid hormone T4 (also known as Thyroxin or Levothyroxin)
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Armour / Thyrolar / Bitiron®  (T3/T4)
T3/T4 (T3/T4)
Bitiron (Armour, Thyrolar) is a unique combination of T3 & T4. It increases the metabolic rate. Some research suggests that a combination of T3 and T4 is more effective than using T3 or T4 by itself.
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Salbutamol®  (Ventolin Tablets)
Ventolin Tablets (Ventolin Tablets)
Salbutamol is very similar to Clenbuterol both are beta-2 agonist. It is used primarily as anti asthmatic drug but has been shown in many medical studies to burn fat and increase muscle mass.
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Xenical®  (Orlistat)
Orlistat (Orlistat)
Xenical (Orlistat) blocks the fat enzyme and blocks about third of the fat eaten during a meal from being absorbed, cutting calories considerably.
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Glucophage®  (Metformin)
Metformin (Metformin)
Metformin lowers blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.
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Ketotifen®  (Ketotifen)
Ketotifen (Ketotifen)
Ketotifen is an anti-asthmatic that when used along clenbuterol or salbutamol increases and prolongs their effectiveness.
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Aromatase Inhibitors (Advanced Anti Estrogens)
Aromatase Inhibitors are medications that inhibit the formation of estrogen in the body. They appear to have much better efficacy than anti estrogens like Nolvadex. Aromatase Inhibitors, sometimes also called Anti-Aromatase, are used to treat breast cancer in women as well as some other conditions. Athletes and bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, frequently use Aromatase Inhibitors such as Aromasin, Femara and Arimidex in order to decrease the amount of estrogen that result as a side effect from using these drugs.

Aromasin®  (Exemestane)
Exemestane (Exemestane)
Aromasin also known as Exemestane is the newest estrogen aromatase inhibitor. Aromasin is the only medication classified as "Aromatase Inactivator".
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Femara®  (Letrozole)
Letrozole (Letrozole)
Femara also known as Letrozole is stronger than Arimidex. In clinical trials Femara proved higher potency with less side effects then Arimidex.
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Arimidex®  (Anastrozole)
Anastrozole (Anastrozole)
Arimidex also known as Anastrozole was the first anti aromatase available, although older than the newer Aromasin and Femara, Arimidex is still used in the medical field.
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Anti DHT - Anti Hair Loss & Prostate protection
Anti DHT medications decrease DHT (Dihydrotestosterone also known as Dehydrotestosterone) hormone levels. DHT is created in the body through the conversion of Testosterone to DHT. DHT is number one cause for male pattern baldness (MPB) as well as prostate enlargement. Two conditions that are better avoided and are never welcomed. These types of drugs work by blocking an enzyme called 5-Alpha Reductase. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT. By inhibiting this enzyme, DHT levels are decreased and testosterone levels are increased.

Avodart®  (Dutasteride)
Dutasteride (Dutasteride)
Avodart is a relatively new drug and currently the most effective treatment against enlarged prostate (BPH). Medical study proved Avodart (Dutasteride) to be 30% more effective at growing hair than Finasteride.
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Finasteride®  (Finasteride 1mg)
Finasteride 1mg (Finasteride 1mg)
Finasteride 1mg is the oldest and most widely used pill against hair loss.
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Finasteride®  (Finasteride 5mg)
Finasteride 5mg (Finasteride 5mg)
Finasteride 5mg is prescribed for the treatment of enlarged prostate and other cases where DHT inhibition is desired.
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Beta Blockers - Heart Health - Cardiovascular
Beta Blockers medications are used for many conditions such as many Cardiovascular conditions, Blood Pressure and Irregular Heart Rate. They are also used for a variety of other off-label uses such as Performance Anxiety.

Propranolol®  (Inderal / Dideral)
Inderal / Dideral (Inderal / Dideral)
Propranolol is the most widely used beta blocker and the most researched one. It is used to treat high blood pressure and many other cardiovascular conditions.
It is widely used off-label to reduce Performance Anxiety.
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Bisoprolol®  (Zebeta)
Zebeta (Zebeta)
Bisoprolol is a newer generation of beta blockers. Like Propranolol it is used for many cardiovascular conditions. Its main difference is that it's long-acting
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Osteoporosis, Pain Relief

Actonel®  (Risedronate)
Risedronate (Risedronate)
Actonel (Risedronate) is being used to treat or prevent osteoporosis, to strengthen the bones and to treat Paget's disease of bone. It may be used for other conditions as indicated by a doctor. Actonel slows bone loss while increasing mass of the bones, which in turn may prevent bone fractures.
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Nimesulid®  (Mesulid)
Mesulid (Mesulid)
Nimesulid (Mesulid Euro name) is a partial COX-2 selective, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. Used for acute pain relief as well as osteoarthritis and other conditions.
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